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    • Memories of a Botswana Safari

      Find out why everyone talks about Botswana… Shareen tells you more

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    • A Typical Day on Safari

      It starts with your guide… We have the most amazing group of fully qualified guides.  They are kind and compassionate with a phenomenal wealth of knowledge about African Wildlife, culture and history.  When you land on African soil, they will be there to greet you at the airport. ‘There are not enough positive words to describe Gideon. He was …

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    • Traveling Abroad – Phones, Adapters, and Internet!

      One thing I always make sure to research before I go away, are ways to use/charge my electronics and contact home!
      In this blog post, I’ll fill you in on all the ‘must-haves’ and ‘need-to-knows’ when it comes to phones, adapters, and internet!

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    • Jaiden’s Experience Traveling throughout Africa with TravelJoy

      Traveljoy had the opportunity to sit and chat with Jaiden Spence about his recent adventures throughout Africa! Click here to read about what he had to say! 🙂

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    • How to Tip on an African Safari:

      Gratuities may be a little confusing while traveling in a new country. You might ask yourself questions like “Are tips required?”, “How much do I give?”, OR even “when do I give tips?” In this blog post I’ll give you all a little break down on how the tipping system works in Africa.

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    • 3 Common Myths About Africa

      As a fellow South African myself, I’m aware of the false assumptions people tend to make when thinking about African travels.
      So let me ‘debunk’ some of those crazy myths and fears!

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    • How to Conquer Long Flights

      Traveling on long flights can be a little daunting. DON’T YOU WORRY – I’ve got all the tips and tricks to help make sure you make the most of your time in the air!

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    • The Great Wildlife Migration

      One of the greatest spectacles on earth is the Great Migration!
      Once a year between 1-2 million Wildebeests, Zebras and other types of Antelope start their big trek from the Northern Serengeti to the Southern Serengeti.

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    • How to Choose an African Safari That’s Right For You

      Many people dream of an African getaway, but often, are too afraid of the unknown. “How do I know where I should travel to? What am I wanting to experience? Can I put a price on my dreams of African travel? “ Well, I’m here to help you navigate through your uncertainty and guide you …

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    • Why Malawi is Africa’s best kept secret

      Wow, Malawi is so spectacularly beautiful and OFF THE BEATEN TRACK… check out some of these great reasons to see for your self…

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